Our day rate at Redwood is $400, which includes a house engineer to run the session. You may bring an outside engineer if you choose, however our engineer will be there there to assist and ensure the session runs smoothly. A typical day is between 8-10 hours and normally we start around 10 or 11 am. The day rate is still applicable even if the work is done before a full 8-10 hours. Half days and hourly rates are available, please contact us if you are interested in this option.

We require a deposit of half of the total bill at the time of booking, and the other half to be paid at the conclusion of the session. Your session is not actually booked until we receive the deposit, but we will give you as much notice as possible if we need to book someone else and still haven’t received your deposit. We also require at least two weeks advance notice of any cancellations, or the first half of the deposit will not be refunded.

These rates are all reflective of tracking at Redwood. Production costs will vary from project to project, depending on the specific needs of the client. Our day rate to mix at Redwood is $250 to use the studio. If you are looking to work with a specific engineer at Redwood, either for producing, tracking or mixing, it is best to contact them directly to work out scheduling and any additional fees they may require for their work.